Our Sevices

PauTeCom Apps

We design less complicated and simple native apps to help serve common needs of our customers

PauTeCom Sites

We design competitive websites, online stores and blogs that stand at most affordable prices.

PauTeCom Stores

We provide outstanding digital products including eBooks, courses, templates at very affordable cost to our customers.

.Visit PauTeCom Stores HERE to learn more about the products we offer.

PauTeCom Web

You can find outstanding articles on most needed niches that are never found elsewhere.

PauTecom Web also offer guest posting to creators on ghoGlobal. There are a whole lot of other services found on this platform. Visit PauTeCom Web HERE to find out more of other serivices.


We offer tech turials frequently on our YouTube Channel to help people master technology while they are using their computers, phones, other devices and the internet. Users should be able to fix certain software bugs, glitches and errors and be able to stay safe while they are on the internet.

HERE to watch our videos from the tech niche.